About Us


Glass Art For Everyone


Kirstens Kreations is a Glass Art Studio that offers Stained Glass, Fused Glass and Mosaic Home Decor. We also create custom unique Dichroic Jewelry for your pleasure.

      I am a creative person with a lifelong love of Arts and crafts. My favorite items are Glass Art, Stained Glass, Fused Glass, Jewelry, Mosaics & more. I have a background in the Arts and have been in this field for close to thirty years. I find it very satisfying not only to create for myself but to share my love and beauty of this field with others. In addition to my shop Kirstens Kreations,  I have opened an arts and crafts studio where I sell, and create works of art.    

My Art is an eclectic blend of various forms of Glass Art. I value Art that is both beautiful and functional and so my Art reflects this. Stained Glass windows, Suncatchers, Jewelry boxes, and Candle Holders all reflect the light like prisms.The Grateful Dead has a place in my booth from Glass Mosaic Pictures, Tables, Lighting, or Boxes. Each is a reminder of good times and awesome music. Fused Glass is beautiful in its own right and encompasses Dichroic Jewelry, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets. 

     From the garden to home decor, to Jewelry to lighting I think Glass Art has a place in everyone's home.


Dichroic Jewelry


I create Dichroic Jewelry either by your design or my own. Dichroic Glass is coated with a metallic coating and adds sparkle and shine to each piece of Jewelry. Each piece of glass is hand cut and shaped then fused in the kiln for lasting permanence. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Here is a sample of jewelry that I create.  

Glass Art comes in many forms such as Fused Glass, Mosaics, and more. Fused Glass is a beautiful addition to Home Decor. It is Glass that has been hand cut, shaped and fused in the Kiln at high temperatures for lasting permanence. There are many forms of Fused Glass including Glass painting, Enamels, Dichroic Glass, Stained Glass, Decals, Frit Painting, Glass Dishware, Lamps and many more. 

Glass Mosaics are a picture that is set into a base material such as wood, glass or metal. The glass pieces are hand cut and shaped. Then arranged into a picture and grouted into place. 

Stained Glass Art is a beautiful addition to your Home Decor, Wall Art, Windows,or Garden Art. The light is reflected thru the glass to form colorful prisms of light. I tend to create Glass Art that is both decorative and functional. Some of these examples are a blend of traditional Stained Glass and Fused Glass.  I also do custom orders per your design and specifications.  



Look to Kirstens Kreations for all of your Custom Glass needs. I will work with you to use your designs (or mine) to produce quality custom Glass Art to suit your needs. 

I also offer the service of repairing Stained Glass Art. 

I look forward to discussing and assisting you with all of your glass needs. My goal is to share my expertise and passion regarding Glass Art with you.

Custom Orders are available for Fused Glass, Stained Glass, Dichroic Jewelry or Mosaics. Custom orders generally take 3- 4 weeks to complete.